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easy sketching architecture
Architect LifeArchitectureArtFundamentals
September 15, 2023

Easy Sketching in Architecture

Sketching not only allows you to quickly visualize your ideas but also serves as a powerful communication tool. Whether you're just starting on your architectural journey or looking to improve your sketching abilities, understanding a few key principles can help you create stunning sketches. In this guide, we'll explore essential aspects of easy sketching in architecture. You can download the…
isometric vs perspective 3
Architect LifeArchitectureArtFundamentals
August 25, 2023

Isometric Or Perspective Drawing?

Among the array of visualization techniques available, two distinct methods stand out: perspective drawing and isometric drawing. In this article, I will talk about the differences between both of them, exploring their unique characteristics, applications, and the ways they shape the architectural narrative. Don't forget to download the FREE PDF guide here. Perspective Drawing: The Depth Isometric Drawing: The Precision…
choose the right perspective
Architect LifeArchitectureArtFundamentals
August 19, 2023

Choose the Right Perspective for your Drawing

I have already said it a hundred times before, one of the crucial elements in achieving depth and dimension in your artwork is perspective. This gives your drawings a sense of space and realism and allows viewers to immerse themselves in the scene. In last week's post, we talked about easy perspective drawing in architecture, and upon your request, I…
Easy Perspective in architecture
Architect LifeArchitectureArtFundamentals
August 11, 2023

Easy Perspective Drawing in Architecture

When it comes to architecture, one of the most essential skills is the ability to communicate your ideas effectively. Perspective drawing plays a vital role in bringing your architectural concepts to life, allowing you to showcase your vision in a realistic way. Don't worry if you're new to perspective drawing – it's a skill that can be mastered with a…
Rapid Sketching
Architect LifeArchitectureArtFundamentals
August 5, 2023

7 Reasons Why Rapid Sketching Is Important

Whether you are an artist seeking inspiration or an architect aiming to bring visions to life, the art of rapid sketching is an invaluable skill that unleashes creativity, fosters problem-solving, and facilitates effective communication. In this post,we will see 7 reasons why rapid sketching is so important for both artists and architects. Capturing Ideas On The Fly Exploring Concepts Problem-Solving…
3 ways to create depth in your drawings
ArtDigital ArtFundamentals
May 29, 2023

3 Ways To Create Depth In Your Drawings

Creating depth in drawings is a skill that can elevate your artwork from flat and two-dimensional to immersive and realistic. Whether you're an aspiring artist or a seasoned illustrator, understanding and implementing techniques that add depth to your drawings is essential. In this article, we will explore 3 ways to create depth in your drawings, enabling you to create captivating…
Drawing From Simple Shapes To Complex Objects8
ArtArt TutorialsFundamentals
April 7, 2023

Drawing From Simple Shapes To Complex Objects

Drawing from simple shapes to complex objects is a essential skill for artists of all levels, and it's the foundation of creating realistic-looking drawings. Starting with basic shapes is an excellent way to simplify complex objects and break them down into more manageable parts. By mastering this skill, artists can create more detailed and accurate drawings. In this article, we'll…
three point perspective drawing
February 15, 2023

Three Point Perspective Drawing

Hey there! You might be familiar with one-point and two-point perspective, but three point perspective drawing is where things really start to get interesting. By adding a third vanishing point, you can create all kinds of dramatic and dynamic effects that will make your art stand out. Whether you are a complete beginner or a seasoned artist, this post is for you. I'll…
Perspective Illustration in Procreate
October 31, 2022

Perspective Illustration In Procreate

Perspective is the key to almost any drawing or sketch, as well as many paintings. In fact, it is one of the fundamentals you need to understand to create realistic and believable scenes. Luckily, digital art has made everything so much easier by providing endless possibilities with different tools. Procreate has a super handy perspective drawing guide feature that easily…
8 Step By Step Examples Of Two Point Perspective Drawing
February 21, 2021

8 Step By Step Examples Of Two Point Perspective Drawing

Hello and welcome! This post will be about 8 step by step examples of two point perspective drawing to let you carefully analyze my drawing process. However, if you want to know more about two point perspective drawing,  you can find the basic rules and also free downloadable exercises in my previous post here. But if you have no idea…
Two Point Perspective Drawing
February 12, 2021

Two Point Perspective Drawing

In my latest post about one point perspective drawing, I explained the basic rules of perspective illustrated with different examples. Now, I am going to do the same but for two point perspective drawing. Let's start! Things To Know Drawing Of A Square Using Two Point Perspective Drawing Of A Box Using Two Point Perspective Easy House Drawing Using A…
One Point Perspective Drawing
January 1, 2021

One Point Perspective Drawing

Perspective is the key to almost any drawing or sketch, as well as many paintings. It is one of the fundamentals you need to understand in order to create realistic and believable scenes. This is used to give three dimensions to a drawing because it allows us to see the depth in an image and understand the distance between the objects, making it more interesting than a flat…
highlights shadows and cast shadows in drawings
November 8, 2020

Highlights, Shadows And Cast Shadows In Drawings

In my latest post, I explained the importance of highlights and shadows and the main rules you need to know. But this post will be about highlights, shadows, and cast shadows in drawings, with many examples of cast shadows. I will explain the geometry behind the process if you want to give a sense of realistic volume and depth to your drawings. Remember to download the PDF where you can try these examples by…
Hagia Sophia Highlights and Shadows in Drawings and Paintings
October 7, 2020

Highlights And Shadows In Drawings And Paintings

Once you finish drawing basic outlines, the next step is adding shadings to give a sense of believable form and three-dimensionality. The more I practice, the more I realize how important it is to understand Highlights and Shadows in drawings and paintings! This is an essential skill to develop as you work your way toward creating more realistic artwork.  If you ever feel frustrated about your…
Perspective Drawings Practices Rules
June 3, 2020

Perspective In Drawings

Perspective in drawings is a useful skill to learn if you want to understand how to create realistic space in a drawing.  Clearly, this is one of the most important part of a drawing, painting. Indeed, It allows you to give depth (3D effect) of a space and it actually capture the way we see the world. Once you know…