I am going to talk in this post about the materials I use for my drawings!  Most of the questions I receive are about this and my every time answer is: pencil and paper are the starting materials for drawing!

That is all what you really need! With time, you will want to try out different techniques and new materials.  There are nowadays so many supplies we can try and use. Most brands have wide range of colors available that it makes us want to buy everything! I recommend to not rush into buying anything expensive first, because so many times I bought a set of supplies that I was sure I would use but I didn’t! So begin first with a a supply that appeals to you and then buy gradually as you feel the need.

I, personally, draw since I am a kid. I remember taking my pencils everywhere with me for drawing! And even in high school, I remember drawing in a lot of classes, each time I was feeling bored, so know that you do not need a special pen, paper or even a special place for drawing. Just do it anywhere with whatever you have!

Now, I like to try all kind of different supplies with different shapes and colors! But here are my “most used supplies ever”!


First of all, I always start my drawings with a pencil (graphite pencils or mechanical pencil).

Three Points Perspective Drawings

The pencils


The graphite pencils are graded from hard (H) to soft (B). 9H is the hardest, 9B is the softest, and HB in in the middle. H pencils are good for clear and light lines, while B pencils are better for softer, tonal lines. 2B is the one that I use the most.

The mechanical pencils are amazing for precision work and is definitely between the materials I use for my drawings! I absolutely love the 0.3 or 0.5 tip size! It helps me a lot for drawing really detailed artwork. Beside, I prefer them to be thinner so it does not show my mistakes a lot and it is easy to erase. It’s perfect if you want to draw lines that will help you for your perspective or proportions. The only thing that can be annoying is that usually  you can find them only with HB or 2B.

It is either I leave my drawing this way (I love the look of the unfinished drawing!) or I continue adding lines and colors.

The pens

A very large range of pen options is available, so much so that it can be overwhelming.
Technical pens, fountains, cartridge pens, roller-ball, ballpoint, fineliners, etc. come with a wide range of nibs and can be used for quick sketches and also detailed drawings. It is important when using the pens to experiment in order to find what is or is not possible, what you like or not like.

→ In my case, I use Artline 0.05, 0.1, 0.2, 0.3,….0.9. Or also Micron pens. I love them because they have a lot of different tip size. Beside the color is consistent and dry really quickly without leaving marks.

Then, I add colors, this can be markers, watercolors, colored pencils… Again, we have a lot of choices!!

→ The colored pencils are available in many different colors and forms, some of them are water-soluble, which means you can add some water to make it look like watercolor. Some colored pencils make definite lines, while others make softer lines and can be blended easily.

The watercolors

Between the materials I use for my drawings, there is of course watercolors! It is so easy to mix all the colors you want, to use different brush tips to try some effects and you don’t even need to make it perfect! As I explain in this post, watercolor is amazing!  I use it for my architectural and botanical illustrations, realistic landscape or mandalas, and it always gives a magical look. It is an amazing hobby that calm your mind and make you more relax. Once you learn the basics rules, it get so much easier to paint anything you want!

The markers

→ I love using markers for coloring some drawings or adding some shadings! The best way to use them is by layer so I like to chose light colors. They have tips at both ends (fine and broad tip on each end), the ink doesn’t fade when applied, it is possible to blend them, the colors are consistent, the ink dry out rapidly and you can recharge the color once finished!

Pastels, charcoal and graphite sticks


→ I kept using these before because I was loving to apply them with my fingers! Although, the pastel is not really permanent and will need to be sprayed with a fixative, they are very easy to work with. There is a wide variety of colors available. They are also great  for quick sketches and can be interesting when used on a colored paper. The only thing is that it is hard to use it for detailed works.

So, here are the materials I use for my drawings. As I always say it, the best way to learn is to experiment! I never had one way of drawing, I like to try so many different things and then have an opinion for myself! I showed you the materials and supplies I use the most in this post! Let me know yours!

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