Let us talk about my favourite markers and how is drawing with the ZIG Kurecolor Twin Markers!

I found these in a shop in Istanbul first, so I bought one and then two, and after few days of trying them I bought new colors. And each time I was going to this shop I bought more and more. Although they are not really cheap, I think they worth the price if you really want to use them!

There are a wide range of colors and shades but I don’t think you need ALL of them!

I, personally, decided that I didn’t really need flashy colors because I prefer to use light colors and then add layers on them, looking like shadings and highlights. So, colors like Green Shadow, Chestnut, Light Grey are my favorites!

If you want a wide range of colors, there are some packs of multiple colors, so you can have an assortment of colors to start with. Depending on the brand you will find markers that come in different colors range. I bought a set of grey shades on the web, there are 10 markers in it, with all the shades of grey. Yes, I really loved them but again, I don’t think you need to all of these shades. I mean 3 of them would be enough!

For example, you can use the W.01 (light grey), W.04 (medium) and W.08 (dark grey), I don’t think you will need the shades in-between.

Beside, the Blender (B.01) marker can help you produce additional colors, so you can have endless possibilities  for creativity and experimentation.

Layer is also important for drawing with the ZIG Kurecolor Twin Markers. When layering colors, start with the light colors and add darker colors as you go along to achieve your desired effect. You cannot erase marker once you apply them so be careful.

→ Each marker has 2 tips: if you want to draw fat lines, the chisel tip is really helpful and really looks hassle-free and consistent, and the other is good for details coloring.

→ The ink dry out rapidly on paper. Otherwise, it’ll cause smears and smudges on the paper.

The paper

As I said in my other post about watercolor, the paper you choose is as much important as the media. For markers, thin papers are not a good choice because it can easily tear apart. Also,  it is nearly impossible to blend colors on some papers and the color can bleed on some other papers. So, yes! The choice of the paper is really important.

The best one I have tried markers on is Bristol paper. The surface is really smooth and the markers don’t bleed. Beside, the colors don’t fade away and look amazing! Try out the markers on papers with different types of surfaces and colors to get a good idea of what  I mean!

✓ Tip at both ends (fine and broad tip on each end)

✓ The ink doesn’t fade when applied

✓ Easy to blend

✓ The colors are consistent

✓ You can recharge the colors

✓ The ink should dry out rapidly on paper

I hope this post was helpful!
This is what I feel about drawing with the ZIG Kurecolor Twin Markers!
Let me know if you have any comment! 
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