Trees Drawing Tutorials

Trees Drawing Tutorials

If you have been following me for a while, you probably know how much I love drawing trees! When I don't know what to draw, that's what I do. Probably because there isn't a perfect and unique way to draw a tree, I find it really relaxing and satisfying. So, this post is going to be about trees drawing tutorials!…
Hagia Sophia Highlights and Shadows in Drawings and Paintings

Highlights and Shadows in drawings and paintings

The more I am practicing and the more I realize how much it is important to understand Highlights and Shadows in drawings and paintings! This is an essential skill to develop as you work your way towards creating more realistic artwork. Once you finished drawing basic outlines, the next step is to add shadings in order to give a sense…

Drawing with the ZIG Kurecolor Twin Markers

Let us talk about my favourite markers and how is drawing with the ZIG Kurecolor Twin Markers! I found these in a shop in Istanbul first, so I bought one and then two, and after few days of trying them I bought new colors. And each time I was going to this shop I bought more and more. Although they…

Materials I use for my drawings

I am going to talk in this post about the materials I use for my drawings!  Most of the questions I receive are about this and my every time answer is: pencil and paper are the starting materials for drawing! That is all what you really need! With time, you will want to try out different techniques and new materials. …