A lot of you have been showings me your sketches and asked me how did I improve my drawings skills.
Well with a lot of practice of course! It takes some time to learn a skill and to develop it. But after a while, you will see that it just get better and better! It’s all about motivation and practice!
I am still learning so much everyday, but for now, here are my tips to get better at drawing!

You need to draw a lot! Keep a sketchbook with you wherever you go: each time you are sitting either on the street or in a cafe, take you sketchbook and pens, and start drawing anything you see. I know that you will probably not like the way you drew in the beginning but believe me with time you will get so much better! You will be amazed at how quickly you will progress!

Look at artist’s drawings and sketches: I know you already look at them! But I want you to look at them better, look at the details, look at how he used the colors, shadings… Do not copy them! But learn from them! Learn from their technics!

Keep in mind some drawings rules. As perspective rules, rendering technics etc. These things will help you draw better and faster! You can find a lot of free resources on internet, books or videos.

Learn from your mistakes/weaknesses, If the way you draw circles looks terrible just sit and draw a hundred of circles until you fix it. That is why I like to use thin mechanical pencil in the beginning of all my drawing/paintings. It is easy to erase if I don’t like it!

Try different styles, like cross-hatching, lining, shadings etc. By trying different styles, you will find your own way.

Drawing Illustration Sketch image mountain nature

⁃  Draw what you see, not what you know. Forget about what you know about the thing, and learn to observe and analyze, and just focus on what you can see (shapes, colors, size..). Observe everything around you. This was one of the hardest thing for me! Draw something for what it is rather than what it looks like.

Let me explain with an example. How do you draw an egg on a white paper? We all have in mind a perfectly white egg right? Do not think of it with its real color and shape. Take an egg and look at it. Look at its lightness and shadings.

Another example: How do you draw the sea? Well, yes it is blue. What else? While drawing, think about the light and dark spots of varying shape and size. You will see that it is not only blue, but also green, yellow and white with the sun rays and waves.

I hope this post was helpful! These are the things that made me get better at drawing and painting. Let me know if there is anything else that is making you improve!

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